Make $15 on organic bone broth
Share bone broth with friends and get $15 for each friend that orders! They also get $15 off their own order.

How it Works:

1. Call, email or text your friend or family member who might be interested in bone broth (copy and paste the sample email below or write your own).

2. Tell your friend to enter your name in the 'Add Order Note' section at checkout. That's all we need! 

3. Or get them to email us your name. We will make sure that you both get $15 credits. 

You cannot combine this $15 off with another coupon on the same order. 

Valid for as-you-go ordering and subscriptions plans. 

Sample Email to Send to your Friend:

Subject: I think you'd love $15 off Organic Bone Broth

I love Bluebird Provisions Organic Bone Broth and think you will, too. It's delicious and nutritious. Plus they ship to your door! 

When you place your first order, simply let them know I referred you by entering my name in the 'Add Order Note' section at checkout.

Easy as that! They'll send you a $15 credit in a refund off your order.